Home Blog Perks of Windows Azure that is Offered Worldwide

Microsoft Azure basically is a popular cloud computing platform in Singapore for deploying, building and managing the applications through a global network of all data centers managed by Microsoft. It basically is a service from Microsoft that permits companies to host applications in Cloud so that they do not need to buy or manage servers that are their own.

The benefits of Microsoft Azure

Cost saving and efficient scalability

With Microsoft Azure, companies need to simply pay for resources which the applications have been using. For instance, If the company has a desire of increasing the database of users or the data storage platform, Microsoft can merely adjust the rate, making it totally convenient, scalable and reliable. With such a “pay as you go” trend, businesses pay for the space that they require instead of paying a huge sum for all the empty storage spaces that never uses by the company.

Saves time and money

Furthermore, all the organizations  that have been using Microsoft Azure do not need to manage, buy, maintenance, configure the hardware, the operating systems, or pay the electricity costs for their machines, thereby saving time and of course, money.


Apart from cost saving and easy scalability, yet another benefit of Azure is extreme reliability and exchange online. Azure exchange services are offered from the best cloud data centers that have several built-in redundancies. Furthermore, if a server crashes down, a company’s application automatically will start running on another server in that data center.

Finishing thoughts

If you are still having second thoughts of whether to shift or not shift to Azure, then here’s yet good news, Azure supports various types of programming tools, facilitates exchange online, programming languages, and frameworks including Microsoft-specific as well as third-party systems. New upgrades and web applications can be easily added.