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IT software for greater productivity at work

Living in a rat race society in Singapore, each of us is stuffed with clients’ calls, appointments, daily new tasks, red tape, and so on. Things are getting cluttered and disorganized when you are not using the proper IT software in your daily work tasks. However, how to identify which software is the best for your corporate needs?

Here at ACCO Technology, we are listing a handful of IT software that could help save your time, get you organized and in the long run, increase your productivity at work! You could get Microsoft Azure, Exchange Online and Office 365 in Singapore from us!

Microsoft Azure

Featuring customized dashboard, Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform that allows you to choose preferred applications that you need for your business. It comes with a wide array of applications for the purposes of compute, analytics, storage and networking. Worry about potential security threats? Microsoft Azure helps to back up information and ensures only your private network could access to it.

Exchange Online

This is another useful platform from Microsoft that offers large mailboxes for email, tasks, calendar and contacts function. Accessible on your phone, tablet, computer desktop and laptop with an app, it’s anti-malware and anti-spam filtering protects you from receiving harmful messages and secures your organization’s confidential information.

Office 365

Office 365 is a user-friendly application for people from all walks of life. For Office 365 package, you can buy Office applications where Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and OneNote are available. Office 365 comes with business-class email, web conferencing, corporate social network, professional digital storytelling tool and file sharing functions as well to meet all your corporate needs. Wondering which program caters to your company’s need? Save yourself the IT headache, contact us now for IT consultation, setup, and support, manage and maintain services in Singapore.