Home Case Studies 60% Students Improve Their Productivity with AsiaCloud’s EasyPrinting Solution

With AsiaCloud’s EasyPrinting Solution, everyone can have access to a printer conveniently.

The Client 
A Singapore-based facility

Higher Education

Business Need
An Effective Printing Solution to meet the need of students

The Solution
AsiaCloud’s EasyPrinting Solution

Business Benefits
• 60% students using the EasyPrinting facility were able to submit their projects on time.
• The facility was able to save time, money and resources.
• With EasyPrinting Solution, IT resources spent less time in managing printing and more time in focusing on their core operations.
• Reduction in footprint and print output.
• Document Workflow improved

Engaging AsiaCloud EasyPrinting Solution has proved to be incredibly successful. We are seeing a considerable increase in the productivity of our students and staff. With the Print Station, printing has become a delight.

For over 55 years, the Singapore-based facility has persistently focused on capturing new vistas of growth through its value-centric teaching and has set new standards of excellence. Committed to leaving a legacy of success and integrity, the facility boasts of a strong academic reputation and strives to drive greater educational value through its offerings.

The Need for a Holistic Printing Solution
With growing printing requirements from students for their project submissions, the facility found itself wrestling with an ineffective print environment that threatened to disrupt their day-to-day operations. Due to lack of a managed print solution, some students were unable to submit their assignments in time. Also, there was no way to track and measure costs and no visibility into the print environment. The facility was not able to focus on its core operations as they spent most of their time in maintenance, servicing and managing printing supplies.

The Result: Loss of productivity, late submissions, opportunity costs of time and negative impact on environment.

The Solution: How AsiaCloud’s EasyPrinting Station Helped
The facility was looking for a robust solution that would drive inefficiencies out of its print infrastructure, bring down costs, improve productivity and reduce environmental impact.

Leveraging its domain experience, AsiaCloud Solutions Private Limited – a trusted HP Partner – deployed Print Station in the facility that took care of the Printer and Desktop, maintenance and servicing of the Print Station and the printing supplies as well, such as ink and paper. Through Print Stations, AsiaCloud enables students to use self-served and cashless printing machines which means—students can get unprecedented access to printing facilities and print their documents anytime.

Business Value Delivered
AsiaCloud EasyPrinting Solution helped the facility to optimize its print infrastructure and deliver expected outcomes. Here’s a closer look at the benefits derived by the facility:

  • 60% of students used the EasyPrinting station that was installed in the facility. There was a spike during project submission days.
  • With EasyPrint Station, students were able to discuss their group work and make amendments on the spot before printing.
  • Students were able to spend more time within the education facility.

Our students wanted to print effectively and quick. AsiaCloud’s EasyPrinting Solution delivers the speed and performance we need and it’s quite fast and economical. With the help of Easy Print, we are now able to focus strategically on our core operations. Thanks to AsiaCloud for giving us an incredible printing experience.

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