ACCO Technology provides total customer satisfaction services and products to facilitate business technology sourcing cost reduction. This is delivered through an integrated customer service value chain to help your enterprise to SOURCE > INTEGRATE > IT SUPPORT > MANAGE > TRANSFORM > IT OUTSOURCING

ACCO’s range of experience and services includes:
– IT Consultancy
– Supplier for computer desktop, notebook, server, printer, UPS, rack and peripheral. We can help you source for any brands or models of computer desktop, notebook, server, printer, UPS, rack and peripheral
– IT relocation solution including new office set ups
– Microsoft Cloud Computing Solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Windows Intune
– Telephone / network cable installation (office and underground)
IT Outsourcing (includes but not limited to: IT Professionals Outsourcing, IT Services Outsourcing, IT Department Outsourcing, IT Management Outsourcing, IT Function Outsourcing)
– On-site contractual maintenance for computers and printers
IT Support services such as repair / upgrade / set up for computer desktops / notebooks / servers / printers
Rental and leasing

Do not hesitate to contact us for your IT Support and IT Outsourcing requirements and employ our IT Services for a more cost-effective method of doing things!

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